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Large Images Inflatable Building

  Greenway Inflatable Buildings


Sunglade Farms.  Sundre, Alberta, Canada
100' X 256'

Wingate Farms. Boise, Idaho
80' X 130'

Greenway Inflatable Buildings can be used for many purposes at a cast far below that of metal-supported fabric covered buildings.  Here are just a few of the suggested uses. 

  • Riding Arenas
  • Tennis Court Enclosures
  • Golf Practice Ranges
  • Swimming Pool Covers
  • Portable Calving and Lambing Sheds
  • Skating Rink Buildings
  • Expanded Inventory Storage
  • Merchandise Show Rooms
  • Portable Special Event Enclosures
  • Construction of Your Inflatable Building

View some of our Inflatable Buildings by clicking on the link below.
Inflatable Construction Dome/Paint Booth
Inflatable Pool Cover

Water Treatment Facility


Greenway Industries manufactures two types of air supported structures: 

  1. Large Tapered Designs for use as riding arenas, event enclosures etc.
  2. Smaller "Quonset" style designs for calving/lambing sheds, farm shops etc.

Large tapered design:  Riding Arenas -- Athletic Event Buildings -- Tennis Court -- Swimming Pool Covers.

64' x 64' Dome
Twenty minutes to full inflation

An excellent round pen dome for training horses, but also used for many other applications.



The "juncture seams" detailed below, allow for the addition for more fabric for building width and more fabric for building length.  The four "corner sections" are the cornerstones for buildings that can be 150ft wide by 300ft long.  Shown here the four corner sections join each other to form a 64ft x 64ft dome.  This is the smallest inflatable we can manufacture in the "tapered design".  Because the tapered design is slanted on ends, sides, and corners it is extremely wind resistant.  This design mimics an upside down saucer.

For rentals or demos we will often stake the building into the ground rather than dig post holes and fill with concrete as recommended.  Normally, a J-Bolt with an eye at the top is inserted into the concrete filled post holes every 8 feet of perimeter.  An 11,000 lb snap then attaches the building to the eye bolt every 8 feet.  The snaps are at the bottom of 11,000 lb test vinyl coated webbing.  Sewing this webbing to the overlapping two layers of fabric insures structural integrity.  Some competitors heat seal these seams together.  After the fabric ages the heat sealed seams are famous for coming apart.

Interior View

Comes apart for the connection of more fabric-both for width and length.

This building was designed with 10ft vertical side walls so there is very little wasted space.  At 12ft high you lose 30 inches!  At 14ft high you lose 40 inches!

"L" Skirt:  Two feet of fabric extends inward.  For riding arenas sand is placed on the inner fabric for a better air seal.  Here, where this demo building was set in a cow pasture, nothing was added to the "L" skirt, and the building held its air quite well.



Two photos placed together give one an idea of what a 64' x 64' dome looks like on the inside.  (Thirty foot ceiling height)  Note the four juncture seams coming together at the center peak.  This building was designed tall enough to enable basketball and tennis to be played inside!




Note open zipper on far end.












The zippered door can even be propped open, and the building has enough air volume to stay inflated!

Remember:  To access equipment into an inflatable building a double door (air lock) vestibule is constructed on site, butted up against either an end or side wall (your choice) and tacked to the fabric walls.  Fabric is then cut out of the side wall with scissors once the double door air lock is in place.  The customer is responsible for constructing the double door air lock as you, the customer, can purchase 2x4's and plywood cheaper locally than we can ship those materials to you. 

Juncture Seam

The translucency of this vinyl fabric allows one to see through the fabric enough to view the male-female solid brass sursingles that hook left side fabric to right side.  We use solid brass sursingles so they won't rust with time and discolor the fabric!


This design features tapered or slanted end for better aerodynamics.  It resembles an ellipse, similar to an eyelid.  This  design will withstand strong winds!


NOTE:  How the sides, ends and corners are all tapered.  There is really no wind shear, because the inflated structure is nothing but an upside down saucer!

In order to maintain the "air lock" larger air supported structures utilize double entry doors.  This system allows larger equipment to enter the building -- such as lift trucks, or in the case of a riding arena, tractors and spring tooths or horses.  One can use automatic garage door opening devices for both inner and outer doors or "scab" in double plywood doors using a 2 X 4 framework.

NOTE:  The double door "air lock" used on most inflatable buildings. In this case, push button over-head garage doors were used in the same railing system, but an equally effective double door vestibule can be constructed much more cost effectively using plywood, 2x4's, and hinges. Our standard size entry is 12ft wide x 10ft tall with a one foot peak on the roof. We must engineer a fabric "skirt" through which runs a cable or heavy rope. This cable or rope is anchored in concrete on either side of the vesitbule to keep the air pressure from lifting the entry chamber off the ground. Each customer is responsible for constructing their own double door entry on site. The customer can purchase those building materials cheaper locally than we can ship a construction vestibule to you.

Air Supported Construction Domes

We manufacture "greenhouse effect" construction crew to work inside an enclosed "bubble" during harsh weather. Photo on the left is a 100ft x 100ft dome we shipped to Calgary, Alberta. It made the front page of the Calgary Herald.



Below is another construction dome over a restaurant construction in Eastern Idaho.

Smaller quonset or elliptical style design: Calving or Lambing Sheds ~ Farm Shops ~ Equipment Storage

  1. Smaller style air supported structures are available in both quanset and elliptical styles.

Inflatable Construction Dome / Paint Booth

This is a construction dome / paint booth!
It is being used by a sail boat refurbisher on the Chesapeak Bay. Ten gated pipe were placed along each of both sides, and the air that was pumped inward was released via the gated pipes, thus all the paint fumes exited the structure as fast as they were produced. The gated pipes were adjusted to "not quite" exit the same amount of air volume as was pumped in.

NOTE: The tall "cathedral-like" design that would accommodate a tall sail boat. We can manufacture an enclosure to accommodate nearly any project.

The 4 photos below show the 20 minute progress of pumping up the "sail boat" dome. It was pumped up with a small carpet drying fan.





Inflatable Pool Covers

Shown above is a swimming pool cover with attached hot tub. This particular material is fiberglass stand reinforced clear plastic in order to achieve a warming "greenhouse" effect. The enclosure is pumped up and maintained with a small carpet drying fan. One simply enters and exits via a zipper (front right of photo). A wide choice of fabrics are available for pool covers including high grade polythylene and vinyl.

NOTE: Webbing is sewn in for structural integrity - no heat seals to come apart.

Inflatable Cover for a Water Treatment Facility

Shown below are inflatable covers for a water treatment facility.  When it was 31 F outside, the interior temperature was 83 F.  The material used here is the fiberglass strand reinforced clear plastic so as to insure the maximum "greenhouse effect" interior heating.

Note the loops we have sewn into the seams to which guy lines may be attached.

Below are Interior Views:

Below is an exterior view of a water treatment plan cover installed over existing equipment.  Note dark colored reinforcement webbing sewn into to fabric for structural integrity.

Another Water Treatment Inflatable Cover

In this case the customer needed the dome constructed taller on the right end than the left end. 

Need an "odd ball" configuration?

We can do it!

The Construction of Your Inflatable Building

It Starts with 400lb rolls of fire-proof vinyl fabric.

The intricate corner pieces are pattern cut and pieced together.

When all the pieces are put together they form a roll like those pictured below.  Those rolls are placed on a pallet and shipped to the customer.


If you're interested in How to Put Your Building Together click the link.

Download our brochure here.

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